Handbook of European HPC projects


Accelerated EuRopean clOud

The push for European innovation and autonomy in computational infrastructure and chip design has led to many fruitful projects working to achieve this goal. Crucial among these is the EU Processor Initiative (EPI) that is working on the design and development of the first EU processor. 

The EU-funded AERO project aims to complement the efforts of the EPI project by developing the open-source software ecosystem required to not only improve the efficiency of the EPI hardware but also accelerate and ease the processor’s integration into the cloud. Moreover, the project will enhance performance as well as energy and security efficiency, and facilitate and motivate user migration to the European cloud platform, infrastructure and ecosystem.


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Developing an open-source software ecosystem for the emerging EU processor designs


Coordinating Organization:
ICCS Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, Greece

Project Timespan
2023-01-01 – 2025-12-31

Other Partners:
  • Ubitech, Greece
  • SIPEARL SAS, France
  • Pierer Innovation GmbH, Austria
  • Red Hat Ltd, Ireland
  • FORTH – Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas, Greece
  • Virtual Open Systems SAS, France
  • Università di Pisa, Italy