Handbook of European HPC projects


Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine
CompBioMed is a user driven CoE designed to nurture and promote the up- take and exploitation of HPC within the biomedical modelling community. Three distinct exemplar research areas will be pursued: cardiovascular, molecularly-based and neuro-musculoskeletal medicine. This will feed directly back to the clinic enabling healthcare providers to understand the mass of available data and provide clinical decision support

Project description

CompBioMed is comprised of 15 Core Partners from across Europe and within academic, industrial and clinical research institutions. We have supplemented this with a growing number of Associate Partners, with whom we can work to provide HPC-solutions and draw on their knowledge to grow our own resources. The research in the project investigates three main pipelines: cardiovascular, molecular-based medicine and neuro-musculoskeletal medicine. Functional codes are currently being produced from these pipelines that are being shared and tested. The Centre of Excellence has so far employed 50 codes, of which 1/3 are open source and a similar number can be classified as HPC. Through a symbiotic relationship with clinical partners, we will use the imaging and medical data provided by them to feed in to our codes and establish programs that will enable healthcare providers to find the most applicable solution for time-limited medical decisions.

Areas of international collaboration

The number of academic and industrial Associate Partners is constantly growing. However, we would be keen to engage further with healthcare providers and clinical practitioners. We are also looking to involve further countries classified as having fewer HPC resources through the Innovation Exchange Program.


Emily Lumley


Coordinating Organization:
University College London, United Kingdom

Project Timespan
2016-10-01 – 2019-09-30

Other Partners:
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • EPCC – The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • SURF, Netherlands
  • BSC – Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
  • University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • CBK Sci Con Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
  • LifeTec Group, Netherlands
  • Acellera, Spain
  • Evotec Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Atos (Bull SAS), France
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium